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A biogas plant, and what happens in it, is as unique as a fingerprint. The general application of oversimplified benchmarks should therefore be treated with caution. 1:1 transfer of measures and findings from adjoining plants to the own plant is also not possible. The same applies to the use of standardised trace element solutions that are used as additives to the biogas process.

This is governed by the rule: dosage accuracy and economic success are directly proportional to the precision of product setting. Dosage accuracy depends largely on the precision of the analysis queries and results. They form the basis for the plant-specific formulation of an optimal dose.

Trace Elements

OptiMax is the brand name for SaM-Power’s essential trace elements in liquid form, which significantly improve the growth rate, cell activity and metabolic processes in the microorganisms. Their very stable complexing lets you achieve maximum availability, more precise and safe dosing than a product in pellet form.

The very high availability leads to low application quantities and thus, lower environmental impact. The formulation of OptiMax individual is exactly
calculated and prepared on a case-by-case basis according to the curren


With its liquid, highly active and GMO-free branded products: Hydrozym, Hydrozym Redux, Hydrozym GPS and Hydrozym DP, SaM-Power offers a tried-andtested and highly active range of enzymes for almost any field of application. A biogas process optimiser can understandably explain the preparation that is most suitable for a specific plant at a specific dosage. All products from the range of enzymes offered can be used in a broad temperature and pH range.

In a study carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute on branded enzymes available in Germany, the highest enzyme activity was measured for Hydrozym. Enzymes help to break down fibres and substrates more quickly and more intensively through their hydrolytic, cellulose and hemicellulose-cleaving action.

How many enzymes should be added? What should be noted when using enzymes? Professional biogas process optimisers give fast and qualified information free-of-charge.

Ad Natura additives

Nature shows us best how plant growth and plant decomposition work. We have meticulously developed our Ad Natura products with the latest research results from agroecology. Without any genetically modified organisms (GMOs), our bacterial bio-fertilisers and microorganisms are the ideal auxiliaries for growth on your fields and
our natural enzymes for decomposition in your fermenters.
All products comply with the current Fertilisers Regulation and TRGS 529.