SaM-Power GmbH


With its liquid, highly active and GMO-free branded products: Hydrozym, Hydrozym Redux, Hydrozym GPS and Hydrozym DP, SaM-Power offers a tried-andtested and highly active range of enzymes for almost any field of application. A biogas process optimiser can understandably explain the preparation that is most suitable for a specific plant at a specific dosage. All products from the range of enzymes offered can be used in a broad temperature and pH range.

In a study carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute on branded enzymes available in Germany, the highest enzyme activity was measured for Hydrozym. Enzymes help to break down fibres and substrates more quickly and more intensively through their hydrolytic, cellulose and hemicellulose-cleaving action.

How many enzymes should be added? What should be noted when using enzymes? Professional biogas process optimisers give fast and qualified information free-of-charge.