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Not all proteins that are introduced via whole crop cereal silage, grass, manure or slaughterhouse waste are actually biologically available. Thus, they are ineffective. The action of proteolytic enzymes is required to ferment them in the fermenter to form valuable methane gas. In the form of exoproteases and endoproteases, they attack the peptide chain at the ends and thus, “digest” the otherwise unavailable proteins, amino acids and polypeptides.
At the same time, they catalyse the hydrolytic cleavage inside the proteins. The methane gas obtained in this way is a real surplus yield, obtained from otherwise completely unused substrate components. We are pleased to be able to offer you Hydrozym DP – in line with our philosophy of holistic biogas process optimisation, which represents another important step towards more sustainability in biogas production.

Hydrozym DP is available in 20-kg canisters and 200-kg barrels
  • Releases biologically unavailable proteins
  • Increases the methane content
  • Improvement of substrate utilisation
  • Higher net energy yield
  • Reduction of quantity of substrates and
  • Release of nutrients and cell liquid
  • Increases the activity of the microbial