SaM-Power GmbH

Hydrozym GPS is a highly effective enzyme preparation. Higher digestion of pectins and pentosans. Owing to its high purity and freshness, it is highly active even in the smallest quantities (no contamination, no spores, no residual substrates).

Likewise, using Hydrozym GPS allows biogascompatible management of lands that are unsuitable for maize cultivation, and loosening of crop rotation.

It can be dosed fully automatically without GMOs and spores.

Hydrozym GPS is available in 20-kg-canister and in 200-kg-barrels
  • Maximisation of the proportion of GPS (whole crop cereal silage) in the substrate mix
  • Improvement of flowability
  • Reduced wear at installations
  • Reduces existing residual gas potentials
  • Reduction in own power requirement
  • GMO-free