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Hydrozym is a highly effective multi-enzyme complex preparation with hydrolytic, cellulose and hemicellulose-cleaving action. Its liquid consistency prevents dust formation. It can be dosed fully automatically without GMOs and spores.
By using Hydrozym, the proportion of hardly fermentable substrates can be increased and noticeable improvement in the stirring characteristics can be achieved. Fibres and substrates are digested faster and more
Increased energy consumption and any repair costs due to overloading of the agitators and pumps can therefore be avoided. It promotes the removal of sinking layers and dead zones. In addition, Hydrozym can be used in a very broad temperature and pH range.

Hydrozym is available in 20-kg-canisters or in 200-kg-barrels.
  • Improvement of substrate utilisation
  • Improvement of flowability
  • Reduces wear at installations
  • Reduces existing residual gas potentials
  • Reduction in own power requirement
  • Reduction of quantity of substrates and