SaM-Power GmbH

The SaM-Tab is a trace element tablet designed to optimise the individual biogas process in your fermenter. In our very own analysis laboratory, using high precision measurement technology,
our specialists fi rst determine the biological parameters (actual state) and then create the perfect trace element dosage for you. This ensures maximum metabolism of the substrate by the microorganisms involved, stabilises the fermentation process and increases methane yield in your fermenter.

  • Highly efficient trace elements with high biological availability
  • No hidden risks such as dust or accidentally ripped sacks
  • Transparent composition and customisation
  • Fermentable foil, dust free
  • Simple, CO2 friendly delivery by parcel
    service, no more palletising
  • Simple, secure and energy-saving use

Conventional trace elements are offered, among other things, as bagged goods. One problem with this is the risks when dosing in the fermenter. And the risk of dust development with granulated trace elements shouldn’t be underestimated.

Here you will find some more information:

The production of the new SaM-Tab is an innovation in the biogas plant market and captivates with its immense benefi ts for dosing, storing, handling and safety.