SaM-Power GmbH
OptiMax individual: our special example of the additives

OptiMax individual is a customised trace element solution for optimising the individual biogas process in your fermenter. In the in-house analytical laboratory, our specialists first use high-precision measuring technology to determine the composition of your substrate sample and then create the optimum trace element solution for you. In your fermenter, this ensures maximum metabolism of the substrate by the microorganisms involved, stabilises the fermentation process and leads to increasing methane yields. 

OptiMax individual can be manually or automatically dosed. Our fully automated and closed SaM-Power dosing system provides maximum occupational safety in your company.

OptiMax individuell is available in 22-litres canisters, 200-litres barrels or 1000-litres IBS-tanks.
  • 6 Transparent composition and adaptation
  • No off-the-shelf product
  • Chelate complex in neutral pH range
  • No wear of metalic plant components
  • Maximum bio-availability
  • Protection against precipitation caused by
  • Increase in the company’s profit
  • Dust-free
  • Activation of the methanogenic organisms in
    the fermenter
  • Maximisation of methane yields
  • Stabilisation of the microbiological metabolic
    processes in the fermentation process