SaM-Power GmbH

Our natural enzymes - for use in the fermenter

In order to accelerate substrate digestion in the fermenter and to prevent floating layers, our GMO-free, natural enzymes, proteins and bacteria are specially put together in our product – Fermator. The fine adjustment of the fermentation process leads to optimum growth of the involved microorganisms, improvement in the flowability and reduction in the agitator output. In cooperation with our optimisation consultants, the daily operating costs can be kept to a minimum. An easy-to-dose mix of enzymes, proteins and lactic
acid bacteria stimulates microbial metabolism.
Silage differences and fluctuations in whole crop cereal silage are compensated.

  • Stable plant operation
  • Optimum growth of the microorganisms
    involved in the digestion process
  • Stabilisation of the digestion processes
  • Optimisation of the microbiological processes
  • Activation of methanogenic
    organisms in the fermenter
  • Improvement of flowability