SaM-Power GmbH

After years of research we developed the Hydrosil-productfamily. 
The result is a line of universal and innovative silage additives. A careful choosen bacterial composition, which is added by high active enzymes secures the silage process and the anerobic phase. It also increases the energy- and the vitamin content of your silage significantly.

Prevents silage losses before opening and also lowers the pH level rapidly. Stability and quality of your silage is increased significantly. Losses are reduced from the first cut.

Heating and mould growth are successfully prevented. It also stabilises grass, GPS and corn silages equally.

Silage additives are increasingly also being adapted to the input materials of the biogas plant. Many operators appreciate the possibility to increase the use of material containing crude fibre.

Faster ensiling with additional lactic acid bacteria. Enriched with enzymes for the use of material containing
crude fibre.

Hydrosil DUO is a universally applicable silage additive that both accelerates ensiling and stabilises. Through a selection of specific homofermentative strains of Lactobacillus and Pediococcus, the ensiling process is accelerated, thus reducing TS losses.

The enzymes contained in the product enable additional carbohydrates to be released from the plant structure even in the case of material containing crude fibre, thereby supplying the lactic acid bacteria with nutrition.

Hydrosil HF is your solution for grass, lucerne and legume silage. Producing sustainable grass silage requires a great deal of expertise, experience and knowledge. The first cut is often the basis for the milk production of the entire year and must, regardless of the weather, be as successful as possible.