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Silage management

The revolution in silage management: Under silo wrap and silo film combined in an 9-layer film – this saves time and work – almost oxygen tight.

  • Oxygen barrier film, a clear PLUS for the quality of your
  • Blue9 with less than 2cm³/m²/24h oxygen permeability
    (DLG standard: <250cm³/m²/24h)
  • Very tear-resistant and tensile
  • Extra width: up to 64 m width
  • No under silo wrap necessary, absorbs immediately
  • Less labour and working time
  • Size and length can be made to order
  • Remains pliable and does not break even at low
  • Environmentally friendly: less raw material
    consumption; therefore, lower disposal costs
  • 18 month UV stability
  • Less reheating and mould formation
blue9 Sauerstoffbarrierefolie
blue9 Sauerstoffbarrierefolie
blue9 Silagemanagement

Compared to the standard silo films blue9 is a hundred times more gas-tight. It’s almost oxygen-tight.

blue9 Silagemanagement

Blue9 is the first and only barrier film that secures your silage with 9 layers. Optimal protection for the best results.

blue9 Silagemanagement
Example calculations in the upper m³

Profitability assessment:

          -> KW:

           10KG sugar x 1,4KW x 0,20€ =                                           2,80€ per m²

           -> concentrated feed:

          10KG sugar x 0,25€/KG concentrated feed=             2,50€ je m²