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Our bacterial bio-fertilisers are suitable for the use with all common substrates

Both nutrient quantity and their availability to the plant are decisive. Soil bacteria provide a natural way of processing the nutrients, so as to be absorbed by the plants through the roots.
VitTerra N is therefore specially designed to enable or restore optimum and natural soil conditions. The use of synthetic fertilisers can be drastically reduced by the high bioavailability caused by the bacteria. Plant trials in maize, barley and potato crops show a fixation of up to 70 kg N/ha.
Azotobacter chroococcum fixes nitrogen (N2) in the presence of oxygen (O2). The ammonium (NH3) obtained in this way is essential for the formation of amino acids, proteins and enzymes. The overall biological activity is increased and the plant and soil health is improved.
Application and dosing: VitTerra N can be applied alone or in combination with VitTerra PK above +8oC. The applied quantity of VitTerra N is 0.5 litres
per ha, dissolved in 200 to 1,500 litres of water.

  • Increase in the overall biological activity
  • Improvement of the uptake of nutrients
  • Cost savings when using mineral fertilisers and fungicides
  • Improvement in yield
  • Improvement in quality