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Our bacterial bio-fertiliser VitTerra PK

VitTerra PK specifically promotes root growth, thus improving the ability of plants to absorb nutrients and water.
Bacillus mucilagenosus is a silicate bacterium that settles on the plant roots, promoting growth of primary and tertiary roots. Due to its biological activity, it not only has a phytosanitary effect, but also improves the assimilation and thus,
the absorption of nutrients, in particular of phosphorus and potassium.
Plant yield and quality can be increased by 25-40% with VitTerra PK and the application rates of K2O and P2O5 by 25 to 35 kg/ha. The costs of improving crop qualities and productivity per unit area are reduced and the yield situation stabilises at a high level.
Application and dosing: VitTerra PK can be applied alone or in combination with VitTerra N. The application is by means of a PPA (Plant Protection Agent) syringe with a large nozzle above +8oC on the wet farmland in the early stage of vegetation; 0.5 litres VitTerra PK dissolved in 200 to 1,500 litres of water per ha.

  • Natural promotion of the growth of primary, secondary and tertiary roots
  • Significant improvement in nutrient and water uptake
  • Increase in productivity, quality and yields per unit area
  • Sustainable enhancement of plant and soil health
  • Significant reduction in synthetic fertiliser costs